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Become Pivot with Purpose Certified

7 Stages of Grief Alignment EMBRACE 1:1 Bootcamp

Maybe you’ve lost a loved one.
A relationship. A job.
Or some part of you.
You’re ready to release the pain, grief, and trauma you’re carrying, but you don’t know where to start. Pivot with Purpose is cutting-edge leadership training for your organization.
What is included:
Books | 9-week workshop | 2 Hours 1:1 + 1 Hour Group Zoom
Trained & Certified Facilitator + BONUS Caregiver 101 Certification
Social Media Badges | Listed on the referral network site
1:1 Coaching for Facilitator Team Leader Workshops

The"Healing It Forward" MOVEMENT

If this is you, get ready to
Pivot with Purpose.
To Grow through Grief.
To Embrace to Empower.
All through the Seven Stages of Grief Alignment Workshop.
With crisis comes community. Leading in a pandemic brings uncertainty, risk, and emotional unbalance for all of us. We must ensure our organizations are places where people feel seen, heard, and valued for their diverse experiences, thinking, and backgrounds have never been so critical.

7 Stages of Grief Workshop

Pivot with Purpose Facilitators are trained experts in teaching Healing it Forward’s four vital tools: embracing vulnerability, courageously moving with grief and trauma, and healing to rise. As a dedicated facilitator, you can bring expert knowledge into any organization through workshops, retreats, training sessions, and coaching experiences – providing a roadmap for the
Pivot with Purpose leadership by establishing resilience.
The acronym EMBRACE breaks down wellness into seven PILLARS:

Once you complete a workshop with Michele or any PWPF, in that case, you will be Pivot with Purpose Trained in the 7 Stages of Grief Alignment Course (and can add the PWP Trained badge on your website-social media listed in our referral network), which means you can take your team through our Pivot with Purpose Program (PWPP). The PWPP was explicitly developed for Pivot with Purpose Trained individuals to share the work with their own teams, serving as the group coordinator and co-learner–not as a trainer or facilitator. However, as a Pivot with Purpose Trained in the 7 Stages of Grief individual, you will be certified to facilitate the curriculum or lead the PWPP publicly. Course offers, dates, and times are arranged at the time of booking.
We can discuss the ceremony as the course develops.

I've Found The Beauty In Pain And Want To Help You Do The Same.

— Michele Bell (The Grief Warrior)