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STORY of 11

Recharge with Story of 11 Healing Jewelry

Healing jewelry radiates the organic vibe of consciousness. Story of 11 Healing jewelry recharges our existence and harmony within. Reaching…

The Journey to Enlightenment
But…we always go back to those twisted swirls, as they signify the shit-show we have endured. Each time, we return more empowered.

Be frantic in Gratitude! ~The Grief Warrior®

Healing Jewelry That Radiates Our Warrior Within

The Story

unalome tattoo
A visual symbol of reaching your spiritual and personal quest. The spirals and swirls signify the confusion we encounter as we grow, each a life lesson. We gradually become a straight line as we become mindful of our life purpose.


Spiritual jewelry represents
Art from A Broken Heart” Weightless – Life Style Jewelry
is worn as a powerful symbol to center and ground. Elegant yet dramatic, made with spiritual intention. The discovery of our true path gives unalome tattoo jewelry an added dimension.

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