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7 stages of grief course journals

embrace | pivot with purpose

express | First Stage of Grief

meditate | Second Stage of Grief

be present | Third Stage of Grief

rejuvenate | Forth Stage of Grief

awaken | Fifth Stage of Grief


connect | Sixth Stage of Grief

eat healthy | Seventh Stage of Grief

caregiver 101

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In my all-new course, Caregiver 101: Find JOY in Your Journey, I’ve laid out everything I’ve learned in my 20-year caregiver journey so that you can take in, be present, and find joy in these precious moments with your loved one and in your new role as ‘caregiver.’

In this course, we cover…

  • Accepting & Embracing Your New Journey
  • Organize Your Path: Finances, Assets, Healthcare, & APS
  • Find Joy in Every Step: Caring for Your Loved ones, Day by Day
  • Self-care & Boundaries: You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup
  • Transitioning & Accepting the New Chapter Ahead

The award-winning adapted true story A SON’S GIFT memoir was written, leaving no stone of memory unturned.

After a decade of emotional turbulence, Michele finally completed her story. Set between New York City and Westchester County, the journey was inspired by an unfathomable loss – the death of both her son and best friend to Ewings-Sarcoma in a five year fight to live. She struggled to raise her children without child support as a solo mom. Shortly after Nicky was diagnosed, Michele lost her job after asking her employers, Michael Fuchs, owner of the Chrysler building, and Trevor Davis, for ten hours a week off to sit with her son during chemotherapy treatments in 2001. After an extended, hard-fought struggle to keep her home, she was forced to move into the YWCA. In a desperate attempt to keep her family together, she made the difficult decision to relocate them with friends until their living conditions were secure again.

After Nicky died, Michele’s struggle with mental illness became the driving force behind her book taking an incredible 11 years to complete. Despite Michele’s desperate attempt to find solace in her suffering, the very people she had trusted for support instead chose to mock and belittle her. She found solace not with companions, but a bottle she hoped would numb her from the pain. – hoping it could deliver a lasting reprieve by taking away tomorrow’s morning altogether.

This book is a powerful tribute to the courage of one mother’s journey through her darkest moments, ultimately inspiring others with hope and perseverance as they embark on their own healing paths. Healing It Forward…