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The Genesis of Loss Awareness Day

The Story Behind Loss Awareness Day
As the years gracefully pass, and as I look back, I realize I’m nearing the chapter of six decades on this life’s journey. I’m no stranger to loss. Loss has been a constant companion. Among them was the heartbreaking loss of my son, Nicky, to bone cancer in 2005 when he was just 18. The weight of losing my parents and brother to suicide has also been a part of my journey, as well as saying goodbye to a cherished friend who was an incredible mother.
Yet through it all, one thing keeps me going: Healing it Forward. 

Loss Awareness Day isn’t just a day on the calendar; it’s a movement aimed at fostering awareness, bolstering support, and invigorating strength within the grieving community. Over the years, my path has naturally gravitated towards roles that assist people in their transitions. It is undeniably the Empath within me that drives my purpose. Whether through real estate, offering a touch of confidence as a hair and makeup artist, or simply being there in various capacities for those in need, my heart has always been in helping others.
Since the deep loss of my son, my journey has taken a transformative turn. I channeled my emotions into crafting an award-winning adapted screenplay based on my first book and recently unveiled a course centered around the 7 stages of grief alignment workbook. The grief community has become a space where we discover healing and strength in unity, a sentiment Lisa Marie Presley and I deeply resonate with. 

On September 29th, we’re transforming our pain into purpose. 

Why Loss Awareness Day?
Loss isn’t confined to the death of a loved one, human, or pet. It includes the end of relationships or the loss of one’s sense of self. The mental health impacts of loss are immense, leaving adults and children bearing hidden trauma daily. It’s high time we collectively shoulder this trauma and traverse this path together.
Healing commences when we create space for our losses, honoring them and allowing ourselves to move WITH them.
It’s time to move from HIDING from the pain of our losses and HEAL together. Loss Awareness Day is just the beginning. Let’s make space for our hearts to heal. Let’s transform our pain into purpose.

Why September 29th?
Spring signifies renewal and rebirth. But what about fall?
Fall makes us comfortable with loss. It empowers us to see beauty in change, move WITH our memories, and PAUSE.
This is why September 29th is slated to be Loss Awareness Day. I chose this date with the utmost intention for our grief community.
Angel Number 929 is all about new beginnings. It’s about moving WITH, transformation, and change.
But there is more…
Angel Number 929 is synonymous with new beginnings. It symbolizes movement WITH change and transformation.
Why is 9/29 specific in numerology? 9/29/2022 signifies infinity – embodying the eternal intention of limitlessness and unconditional love.
A date to remember – 9/29/2022 represents infinity – its plan of the eternal intention of limitlessness and unconditional love. 

Healing Starts with Awareness.
The community’s energy is raw and tangible. Public figures are emerging, recounting their stories, and making waves. In August, our beloved Lisa Marie Presley opened up about the loss of her son to suicide in 2020.
She knew it was uncomfortable, even unpopular, to talk about. But, even more, she knew the undeniable strength and power of spreading awareness.
On August 31st, 2022, we forged a virtual connection when she reached out, expressing her genuine desire to support my mission for the Loss Awareness Day petition. “How can I help,” she reached out through my IG post and began following me on Instagram. I immediately felt a connection; she gets it. The synchronicities aligned. I started working on the process, choosing the dates through numerology and meditation, focusing on our collective loss.

My Why for 9/29
Numerology is one method I utilize to intentionally navigate and manifest my journey, retreats, and even my books. It will resonate only if you believe. And I am confident that sharing this will facilitate further growth on our path.
Lisa Marie and her father, Elvis, and Austin share the Lifepath #9 that represents “The Humanitarian” We now have three 9 Lifepath numbers. Please wait for it.
Ben was 27 when he transitioned. 2+7=9
Four 9’s = 36 • 3+6=9
September is Suicide Awareness Month. My brother died by suicide. Lisa Marie and I share a similar loss, so this month embodies this intention.
Loss Awareness September 29 date represents 11 – 2+9=11
My father and I share the same LifePath numbers as Lisa Marie and Elvis. Lifepath #11, “The Healer
My son died on the 29th of December (2005)
My three 11’s = 33, which is my Nickys Lifepath #33 

I believe in divine connections, so I feel Lisa Maria was an incomparable force of love and energy. She was a devoted mother whose life was taken too soon.
What I admired most about Lisa Marie was her representation of profound, unconditional love for motherhood. Her spirit exuded brilliance and left a mark on everyone she interacted with, including me.
In loving memory of Lisa Marie Presley and our departed loved ones, please sign this petition to establish September 29th as “Loss Awareness Day.”This is something Lisa was interested in making happen. Let’s dedicate a day to never forgetting our loved ones beyond the veil.
This is the next step. With more awareness, we create more community. With more support, we can find more hope, light, and love after loss. 

Loss is a Part of the Human Experience. It’s Time to Make Space for It.

  • 2.5 million people die in the U.S. annually, leaving ~12.5 million grieving family and friends.
  • 1.5 million children in the U.S. lose one or both parents before they get to high school.
  • 1.05 million people died in the U.S. alone from COVID-19.

Through it all, we move in silence. But Loss Awareness Day changes this. It gives our community a voice. It advocates for our needs. It’s not about “moving on” but making space for loss.

With 1 million signatures, we can get Loss Awareness Day on the calendar and begin our journeys toward change, healing, and community.
I appreciate your support,
Michele Bell, The Grief Warrior®

Healing begins with Awareness. The word GRIEF does not capture the depth of our feelings. Loss is breathless. Through it all, we move in silence. With Your Support, we can learn to Live After Loss.

— Michele Bell - The Grief Warrior®